Gasket Installation Tips

Gasket Installation

Thanks to today\’s consumers\’ penchant for smaller devices, product engineers are packing more chips in smaller spaces. Thus, these highly sensitive components are placed in close proximity to one another inside a device. This close-knit structure is adding to the issues relating to electromagnetic interference (EMI). With the explosive growth in wireless communications, the electronics manufacturing sector is replete with unique EMI challenges. It\’s no longer possible for product designers to reduce the effects of EMI by simply isolating the affected devices, or to address the problem merely with a few grounding clips. Today\’s complicated cell phones require a very high level of shielding. In this context, a quick and easy integration of the shielding solutions has become relevant. A proper installation can go a long way to ensure the solution\’s effectiveness in dealing with EMI problems.  If you are considering using a gasket to protect your device from EMI, here are a few tips to help you install it correctly:

•Before installing the gasket, make sure you have all the right tools and instruments at your disposal.

•Are those raised faces in your application bothering you? Simply place the gasket in the center of the flange.

•Before installing the gasket, make sure that the surface is perfectly flat, and has a good finish.

•Make sure that the gasket sits tightly onto the surface. You may need to go from side to side around a joint to achieve the satisfactory level of compression.

A quick installation of a gasket is the prerequisite for your shielding success. Do you think it is too complicated for your team to handle? We can help. Get in touch with us here.

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