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Mushroom Extrusions

Mushroom Extrusions:

TechSIL Mushroom Extrusions are available in ten different profiles. They can be used in a large groove to control the compression forces or can have either Conductive or non-Conductive Pressure Sensitive Adhesive applied for easy assembly. When using a non-Conductive Adhesive only 50% of the mating surface should have PSA applied. The Mushroom Extrusion can be bonded into O-Rings or Picture Frame gaskets using an RTV cold bond or a Hot Vulcanized bond.

The Mushroom profile offers a much wider operating range and lower compression forces are required than for the Solid versions. Additional sizes are available upon request.

Features and Benefits

• Superior Reliability
• Cost Effective
• Flexible Design

Typical Applications

• Defense
• Aerospace
• Consumer electronics
• Telecom
• Industrial
• Automotive
• Life science

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