Slot-Lok Shields

Slot-Lok Form Down Low Profile

Slot-Lok Form Down Low Profile:

Leader Tech’s Low Profile Slot-Lok™ design is the perfect choice for demanding applications that require a Board Level Shields, but have a stringent height requirement of less than .150”. This design variation offers all of the flexibility and benefits of the standard Slot-Lok™ series with a very compact profile. The shields are manufactured using RoHS compliant materials which exhibit exceptional solder characteristics, corrosion resistance and shielding effectiveness.


Features & Benefits:

  • Welded partitions
  • Mouse holes, notches, ventilation, standoffs
  • Welded fence assembly
  • Pick & place spot
  • Custom packaging: tape & reel, vacuum trays
  • Short lead times
  • Lowest cost Slot-Lok™ design
  • Full design flexibility with engineering support
  • Squares, rectangles and odd shapes
  • Through-hole or surface mount
  • Locking & grounding dimples standard
  • Low cost production tooling for high quantities
  • Interlocking corners
  • Pick spot optional for automated pick and place
  • Break away pick spot available
  • Removable cover for access to components
  • Multi cavity options available
  • Tape and reel and tray packaging options
  • Clinch nuts/Threaded fasteners, thermal, absorber and insulator options available
  • Pin pitch matching – to replace existing “legacy” shields
  • Multiple level shields
  • RoHS compliant

Series Specs

  • Material Thickness: .010” (.25), .012” (.31) or .015” (.38)
  • Std Material: Pre-Tin plated steel, Alloy 770 (UNS C77000), HYMU 80 
  • Shielding Effectiveness: up to 60 dB


  • Pre-Tin plated steel to the material options
                                Solid Edge                                                                        Pin option                                                                               Standoff                                                                       

                        Tight Corner                                                                    Interlocking

                    080 SV Vent Holes                                                             156 SV Vent Holes                                                          .100 SV Vent Holes 

               080 DV Vent Holes                                                                 156 DV Vent Holes                                                   .100 DV Vent Holes                                                      

                          Pick Spot

                                Slot Standard                                                                    Dimple Option                                                             Dimple Slots               

                             Pull Tab

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