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Modified CBS

Modified CBS:

modified cbs

Leader Tech understands that not all shielding applications can be satisfied with a standard CBS product. We also recognize that target budgets do not always accommodate a custom shielding solution. The Leader Tech Modified CBS gives you the flexibility to customize a standard CBS shield with significant savings compared to custom alternatives. Our Modified CBS products use existing tooling and manufacturing processes to give you a near-custom shielding solution at a fraction of the cost.


Series Spec

  • Material Options
    • Alloy 770
    • Pre-tin plated Phos Bronze
    • Pre-tin plated steel

    Plating Options

    • Bright tin
    • Matte tin
    • Tin lead (not RoHS compliant)
    • Nickel

    Height Options: .13” to 4.0″ Through-hole Mounting Pins: .25”, .50” & 1.0” spacing

Features & Benefits:

  • Short lead time
  • Little or no NRE required (tooling cost)
  • Surface mount or through-hole design
  • Unrestricted perimeter sizes
  • Custom shapes to save space – rectangle, “T”, “L”, “Z”
  • Multi-cavity design flexibility
  • Multiple level design options
  • Strong cover retention using patented Leader Tech “fingers”
  • Removable cover for access to components
  • Grounding gaskets
  • I/O holes
  • Trace notches
  • Connector cutouts
  • Enhanced shielding with RF absorbers
  • ESD protection with insulator padding

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