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Features of Leader Tech Board Level Shielding

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Board level shields (BLS) are generally small metallic shielded boxes mounted directly to the circuit board. The main purpose of a board level shield is the isolation of the sensitive circuitry so it can pass the radiated susceptibility testing that evaluates the ability of the device to operate acceptable under an externally generated electromagnetic field. The board level shield will trap the emission from other noisy circuits on the board from propagating to the outside environment and will keep external RF/EMI sources from disrupting the sensitive circuitry on the board.

Leader Tech is a world leading innovator and manufacturer of EMI shielding product for circuit boards that can be customized to any performance or application requirement. We offer a wide selection of standard, modified standard and custom board level shielding products to fit your exact expectations.

Features of Leader Tech Board Level Shielding:

1. Variety of methods to securely attach the BLS to the circuit board, like through-hole configurations (variety of pins) or surface

mount styles:

• Through-Hole Pins (standard and custom)
• Through-Hole Pins with Standoff
• Straight Edge, no Pins
• Castellation Edge

2. Corner configurations (see Figure B):

• Standard corner
• Tight corner
• Interlocking corner
• Welded corner

3. Ventilation holes that can be added to any shield cover or frame wall. The standard patterns are single density (SV) or double density ventilation holes (DV) with .156” diameter holes (see figure C) but they are available in .060”, .080”, .100” and .118” diameter holes. The patterns and the size of the holes can be varied to meet the customer’s requirements.

4. Cover retention Options:

• A variety of dimples (standard, high profile, mini, low profile and ground) and slots (standard, mini and

ultra mini).

• Retention fingers

The board shield doesn’t need an earth ground to control the EMI. In the majority of electronic applications,

good grounding involves achieving a sufficiently low-impedance current return path for the highest interference

frequency of interest.1

The purpose of the retention dimples/fingers is to pull the cover down to meet with the top edge of the shield to maximize the effectiveness of the shield.

5. Packaging options:

• Standard packaging (no charge): hand-packed foam liners with inner cardboard reinforcement and bar coding on every package, including customer part number

• Optional packaging (extra charge): tape and reel, vacuum trays, customer specified packaging

6. Additional features:

  • Logo or part number marking (etching or in black ink)
  • Removable pick spot used for pick and place automation for higher volume applications (See Figure D).
  • Cover Pull Tabs for easy removal (See Figure E).
  • Embosses
  • Custom trace notches and tuning holes
  • PCB Tech Clip (TC-01 and TC-01-MINI) that provides a cost effective solution for 1-piece EMI/RFI shielding on PCB without post soldering and with easy shield removal/replacement (See Figure F).
  • Self-clinching nuts (PEM nuts) attached to the board shields (See Figure G).

From 3D modeling, material selection and prototyping to high volume production Leader Tech is your only one stop for your board level shielding application.

Send your request today to engineering@leadertechinc.com to make it happen!

1 – https://www.mddionline.com/news/using-grounding-control-emi

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