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TechSIL Oriented Wire

TechSIL Oriented Wire:

Leader Tech’s TechSIL 8000 Oriented Wire gasketing is designed for use in suppressing EMI/RFI up to 100 dB in the E-Field/up to 50 dB in the H-Field, while offering an effective environmental seal between mating surfaces. This material is comprised of monel or aluminum wire oriented perpendicular to the mating surfaces and embedded in solid or sponge silicone elastomer. The wires are crimped for additional resiliency and to optimize the mechanical performance of the gasket. The silicone based TechSIL has 700-900 wires per sq./in. and is capable of withstanding temperatures from -80° to a maximum of 500° F (-62° to 260°C). TechSIL Oriented Wire materials are available in strip or sheet form and can easily be die cut into complex shapes or fabricated into custom frame gaskets. All TechSIL 8000 materials meet the DESC drawing 90046.


Features & Benefits:

  • Allows for 1-Piece EMI/RFI Shielding on PCBs with easy shield removal/replacement
  • Universal clip with spring contact retention fingers compatible with .008” – .010” thick shielding materials
  • Suitable for Automated Placement with Circular Pick Spot
  • Tape & Reel Packaging
  • Saves $ on PCB costs

Ordering Info

  • Reference Part Number TC-01 when ordering.
  • Each Reel has 2,200 pieces

Series Spec

  • .008” Thick Pre-Tin Plated Phos. Bronze Quick turn, low cost, standard and custom covers available. Contact our sales team for available options.

Standard Options:

  • Available Immediately through Distribution
  • 2-4 Weeks Lead Time for Large Orders (No Stock)
  • Ships Next Day if Parts are In-Stock
  • Many Standard and Off-the-shelf Clip Covers available
  • FREE samples available upon request.


PP = plating code from plating code table below

X.XXX = Desired length

(1) 0.032″ thickness is only available in silicone solid.

  • Imperial
  • Metric

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