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Slot-Lok Shields

Slot-Lok Pro Welded

Slot-Lok Pro Welded

Our cost-effective Slot-Lok™ Board Level Shielding solutions are also available with Slot-Lok™ Pro options. Our excellent design style is built specifically for high frequencies and special shapes. Our tested solid wall construction with welded corners eliminates apertures in corners for enhanced shielding performance at high frequencies.


Features & Benefits:

  • Limitless pin spacing options
  • Variety of cover retention methods
  • Pull tabs for ease of cover removal
  • Custom access holes and notches
  • Ventilation holes for cover
  • Short lead times
  • Full design flexibility and Engineering support
  • Solid wall design with welded corner to eliminate apertures in corners for enhanced shielding performance at high frequencies
  • Unlimited flexibility in size and shape
  • Through-hole or surface mount
  • Locking & grounding dimples standard
  • Removable cover for access to components
  • Highly customizable platform
  • Clinch nuts/Threaded fasteners, thermal, absorber and insulator options available
  • RoHS compliant

Series Spec

  • Material Thickness: .010” (,25), .012” (,31) or .015” (,38)
  • Std Material:  Alloy 770 (UNS C77000)
  • Cover Retention: 1.5 – 2.5 lb./linear inch
  • Shielding Effectiveness: up to 60 dB


  • Pre-Tin plated steel to the material options
                                Solid Edge                                                                        Pin option                                                                               Standoff                                                                       

                        Tight Corner                                                                    Interlocking

                    080 SV Vent Holes                                                             156 SV Vent Holes                                                          .100 SV Vent Holes 

               080 DV Vent Holes                                                                 156 DV Vent Holes                                                   .100 DV Vent Holes                                                      

                          Pick Spot

                                Slot Standard                                                                    Dimple Option                                                             Dimple Slots               

                             Pull Tab

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