Enclosure Shielding

Conductive Foam Shielding

Conductive Foam Shielding:

CFS Conductive Foam Shielding Material consists of resilient Nickel-Copper polyurethane foam which is layered between two pieces of conductive polyester fabric. This CFS Conductive Foam is ideal for applications that require low compression forces but excellent shielding effectiveness. Please feel free to contact sales@leadertechinc.com for further technical questions and support needs.



  • Applications Intricate die cuts forms I/O panels Backplanes Connectors Access panels

Series Spec

  • Performance Operating Temperatures: -40F – +156F (-40C – +70C) 
  • Surface Resistivity: Shielding Effectiveness: 60dB Typical 10MHz – 3GHz
  • Typical Compression Load: 2.1 PSI at recommended 30% compressio