Enclosure Shielding

Conductive Foam Shielding

Conductive Foam Shielding:

CFS Conductive Foam Shielding Material consists of resilient Nickel-Copper polyurethane foam which is layered between two pieces of conductive polyester fabric. This CFS Conductive Foam is ideal for applications that require low compression forces but excellent shielding effectiveness.



  • Applications Intricate die cuts forms I/O panels Backplanes Connectors Access panels

Series Spec

  • Performance Operating Temperatures: -40F – +156F (-40C – +70C) 
  • Surface Resistivity: Shielding Effectiveness: 60dB Typical 10MHz – 3GHz
  •  Flammability: UL94-HBF Unless otherwise noted UL94-V1* 
  • Typical Compression Load: 2.1 PSI at recommended 30% compression