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Board Level Shielding

Board Level Shielding​

Diverse Board Level Shielding Solutions for All Electronic Applications

Board Level Shielding is the most effective method of EMI/RFI Shielding. These metal fabricated Shields isolate radiated emissions by creating a Faraday Cage around the circuit board components. Capturing EMI/RFI at the source minimizes the need for expensive enclosure shielding solutions. Please feel free to contact for further technical questions and support needs.

Board Level Shielding Products

Board Level Shielding Selection Guide

Circuit Board Shield Design Guide

Leader Tech is a manufacturing innovator focused on constant improvement and refinement of proven product platforms and manufacturing methods. This allows us to deliver cost-effective shielding solutions that solve EMI problems for both current and emerging electronic applications. From small footprints and low-profile applications to multi-level board designs, we offer a wide selection of standard, modified standard and custom board level shielding products to fit your exact specifications. Our most popular product lines are described below in our Design Guide.

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