Lossy Foam

Lossy Foam Microwave Absorbers

Lossy Foam

This Open Cell Polyurethane Foam primarily operates on the principles of Insertion Loss alone. Insertion Loss is the reduction in energy emitted from point A to reach point B caused by the introduction (insertion) of an absorber material between the 2 points. Lossy Foam is the lowest cost solution for attenuating a wide range of frequencies. Please feel free to contact sales@leadertechinc.com for further technical questions and support needs.


  • Antenna Isolation
  • Slidelobe/Backlobe Reduction
  • EMI Reduction
  • Radar Cross Section Reduction
  • Test Boxes

Features & Benefits:

  • Dielectrically loaded polyurethane foam
  • High insertion loss when mounted to a nonconductive surface
  • Operating Temp: -60 F to 250 F (-51 C to 121 C)
  • Flammability Rating: UL94-HF1 available
  • Halogen Free

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