Different Types of Gaskets


In the digital era, most of us are acquainted with the term electromagnetic interference. All electrical devices emit magnetic waves that affect the functioning of the device\’s own circuits as well as the circuits of other devices in its surrounding. Sometimes, these waves can deactivate a device entirely. Fortunately, there are several shielding techniques available to cut down the effects of EMI. Shielding is thus an integral part of electronics manufacturing. Among various types of shielding solutions, gaskets are some of the most common techniques used to deal with EMI interference.

What is a Gasket?

A gasket is a specially designed robust seal. They can be made of many different materials such as conductive foam, fabric-coated foam, silicone-based elastomer products, thermoplastics, and metal. They are lightweight and help suppress the EMI interferences without affecting a device’s performance. Thanks to their low closure force, gaskets are really good at enabling electrical systems to maintain a stable performance. Since every gasket application is unique, a thorough understanding of the gasket types would enable product designers to optimize their designs and provide a robust sealing. Despite their uniqueness, every gasket shares some common elements. Here are a few types of gaskets that are commonly used for EMI shielding purposes:

• Different gasket applications are meant to function in different temperature conditions. That is why different materials are used to build specialized gaskets. They may include rubbers, compressed sheets made of non-metallic materials as well as spiral wound materials.

• The materials that are used for low to medium pressure applications include compressed sheet, Polytetrafluoroethylene, reinforced fiber, and flexible graphite.

• When it comes to protecting your device from EMI as well as making it water resistant, rubber gaskets can be your ideal solution.

• If you are looking to deal with high-temperature applications, spiral wound gaskets will provide the best protection against EMI.

• Metal gaskets come in many forms including metal jacketed designs, ring joints, and many more.

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