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Types of EMI Gaskets and What You Should Know About Them

EMI Gaskets

Although you\’ll find different kinds of gaskets depending on material design and geometry, the four essential varieties include metal spring fingers, knitted wire mesh, elastomers filled with conductive particles, and Fabric shielding gaskets (FSG). These materials come with individual benefits and are suitable for a specific kind of application. You need to factor in a number of aspects when selecting them, including shielding performance, compression forces, material compatibility corrosion control, compression set, compression range, compressibility and environmental sealing.

Wire Mesh and Knitted Gaskets

They are designed from a range of metal wires such as tin-plated copper-clad steel, monel and aluminum. They are extremely easy on your pocket if you are using low-cycle applications. Get maximum shielding effectiveness from these gaskets over an array of frequency ranges. They come with a knitted construction and you\’ll get them in a range of shapes and sizes, offering enduring resilience with flexible mounting options.  When it comes to conductive knit materials, you get close-knit stitch of the metalized material. It provides high-impact EMI shielding together with a soft, smooth surface. With knitted mesh, you get outstanding resilience for point-to-point and uniform contact that requires minimum compression force. Elastomer Core Mesh provides you with the dual benefit of outstanding elasticity and shielding effectiveness.

Metal RF Gaskets

They are made from a variety of materials and are known for their high shielding performance and significant physical compression range. Copper Beryllium has excellent spring and conductive properties.

FSG EMI Gaskets

If you\’re looking for outstanding shielding attenuation and conductivity, opt for FSG EMI gaskets. They are perfect for applications that need low compression force.  Some of the typical FSG EMI gasket applications are grounding or shielding of medical electronic equipment apertures and seams. You\’ll get them in a number of shapes, sizes and thickness to meet your design requirements.

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