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Blanking and Why It\’s Important

Creating a quality and affordable flat blank is the important first step in producing a printed circuit board shield (PCBS) for EMI/RFI shielding mitigation. Smooth edges and dimensional precision are the keys to making a shield that is both sturdy and coplanar. Leader Tech has a wide variety of technologies to produce blanks for applications in the low and mid volume yearly usage range (20-2500 annual typically).

Leader Tech’s Rapid Air technology is ideal for making the simplest square and rectangular blanks in a wide variety of materials and thicknesses. This high speed process produces thousands of blanks per hour and requires little custom set-up or specialized tooling. In this case, the corner notches and additional features are stamped after the basic blank is created. Leader Tech uses this process very effectively to make covers for our CBS (Circuit Board Shielding) product offering.

In many cases, based on shield design requirements and material thickness, our turret punch press capabilities are a more suitable process to produce the blank. This is the case for more complex designs like L and T shaped shields along with unusual shapes. Our turret presses can produce these complex shapes with little to no custom tooling and short set-up times.

For beryllium copper and some other materials, chemical etching is the most cost effective process to use to make the blank. This process is ideal for intricate shapes, small shields and very thin materials, and requires just a small amount of tooling (artwork) and set-up time.

For other complex designs and fast prototyping, Leader Tech has multiple laser machines to make one and two piece shields quickly and with exceptional quality. Laser technology allows for quick set-up and no custom tooling is required for even the most complex designs.

For prototyping and even volume production needs, Leader Tech laser capabilities and these other technologies are helping us lead the way toward providing the best and highest quality EMI/RFI shielding components available in the industry.

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