Leader Tech Surface Mount Shields (SMS)

Leader Tech, an industry leading source for EMI/RFI Shielding, is proud to announce the release of their Surface Mount Shielding (SMS) products. The SMS product line is a family of mass produced one-piece and two-piece surface mounted board level shields offered to customers with low, medium, and high volume product demands. Leader Tech’s investment in tooling these standard shields with progressive die manufacturing technologies grants electronic OEM’s and CM’s the ability to shop from a library of dozens of ready-made, mass produced, board level shield designs. All SMS shields are in stock in tape and reel packaging ready to ship the same day via distribution or direct from Leader Tech Inc. and require NO NRE charges! Leader Tech is the only industry manufacturer of off the shelf shields in both pre-tin plated steel and 770 alloy (for corrosive environments). Both the pre-tin plated steel and 770 alloy are proven effective for solderability and shielding effectiveness with both materials achieving 40-60 DB attenuation in environments up to 1 GHz (shielding effectiveness may vary at higher frequencies and customers should always verify results in a certified EMI test lab).

The one-piece SMS shields allow customers to reduce part cost with a single shield assembly while the two-piece SMS provides a frame and removable cover for access underneath the shield for rework or visual inspection after reflow. Leader Tech offers the option of vented or non-vented shields for your thermal and shielding effectiveness needs. By “hard tooling” the SMS designs with progressive dies and shipping them in protective Tape & Reel packaging, Leader Tech is able to achieve superior coplanarity (Flatness) on these shields. Coplanarity specifications for many of Leader Tech SMS shields often meet 0.004” flatness. A comprehensive list of available SMS shields, along with engineering prints, can be accessed through Leader Tech’s website (CAD models are available upon request). All Leader Tech PDF prints include the recommended solder trace for each shield (solder trace width should be a minimum of 3.5 times the material thickness of the shield).

All Leader Tech products can be ordered directly from the factory or via their exclusive distribution partners (Utech, Allied Electronics, Mouser, Newark, Elna Magnetics, & Amidon). Leader Tech provides world class customer and engineering support for all their customers’ immediate needs. Please feel free to explore our website and contact us direct today.

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