A Paradigm Shift in EMI Shielding and Airflow Management

Server EMI Vent Panels - the 9700 Series Tech Vent from Leader Tech

In a world where advanced electronics are increasingly integral to both daily life and critical operations, effective thermal management, efficient airflow, and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding are more crucial than ever. Especially in dense electronic environments such as sophisticated server rooms and sensitive military applications, reliability and performance cannot be compromised. Leader Tech’s 9700 Tech Vent Panels Series emerge as an innovative solution, offering unmatched EMI shielding while supporting optimal airflow, thus setting new benchmarks in electronic infrastructure.

9700 Series Tech Vent with attached fan

The Importance of Advanced EMI Shielding  

With the ever-increasing density of electronic devices, particularly in data centers, medical equipment, and military installations, EMI can become a significant disruptor. Effective EMI shielding is vital to preserve system integrity, prevent data corruption, and avoid hardware damage. The 9700 Series addresses these challenges head-on, providing robust and reliable EMI shielding to safeguard sensitive electronic equipment. 

The Design Philosophy of 9700 Series 

The 9700 Series Tech Vent Panels epitomize Leader Tech’s commitment to innovative design and excellence. Every aspect, from the all-aluminum architecture to the gasket frame, the 9700 series is meticulously crafted to optimize EMI shielding while ensuring efficient cooling and airflow. The panels’ central opening circular design is perfectly compatible with standard fan sizes (eg. 25mm, 80mm, 92mm, and 120mm), assuring seamless integration and elevated performance. The 9700 Series’ compact size and bolt hole locations make it ergonomic and practical. For example, the vent panel can be used on either side of the PC fan where the air is flowing.  

9700 Series Tech Vent EMI/RFI vent panel Airflow

9700 Series Tech Vent EMI/RFI vent panel Airflow

Technical Mastery of the 9700 Series 

The 9700 series stands out for its innovative use of aluminum in both its frame and honeycomb structure, providing exemplary airflow and maximum EMI shielding. Its performance, when compared to traditional vent panels, marks a significant evolution, offering enhanced efficiency in a compact package. The 9700 Series uses a .500” thick with a 1/8” hexagonal shape honeycomb that provides efficient airflow and exceptional EMI shielding capabilities. The addition of gaskets like knitted wire bonded to neoprene sponge and Fabric over Foam gasket will further increase the shielding effectiveness of the vent panels, depending on where the 9700 series is being applied.  

Interact with the SOLIDWORKS model of our 9700 Series Tech Vent

Customization and Adaptability  

Recognizing the diverse demands of different operational environments, Leader Tech offers the 9700 Series in a variety of configurations. This includes many sizes to align with standard fan dimensions currently in the market and a selection of gaskets designed for specific environmental conditions. The 9700 Series’ adaptability ensures it can be custom fitted to many applications, from standard office setting to rack room servers with networks and data storage. 

9700 Series are EMI Vent Panels

Plating Options and their Impact  

The 9700 Series is available with multiple plating options, such as Trivalent Chromate Finish, Matte Tin, Bright Tin, and Electroless Nickel, each adhering to ASTM standards and RoHS compliance. Not only does it provide aesthetics, but it also enhances the overall performance of the panels. This segment would discuss the significance of each plating choice and how it contributes to the vent panel’s durability and effectiveness. Depending on where the vent panel is used, the plating options provide oxidation resistance and can be used in temperature dependent environments.  

9700 Series are EMI Vent Panels

Real-World Implementations and Applications 

The utility of the 9700 Series spans across many different sectors. In telecommunications, these panels have been instrumental in bolstering the reliability of server infrastructure, while in defense, they are key components in safeguarding crucial military and commercial equipment. The 9700 Series works best in a variety of applications 

  • Network server racks
  • Personal computers
  • Test equipment
  • Large medical devices,
  • Electronics enclosures
  • Rack mounted power amplifiers
  • Air conditioning units 
  • Communication Shelters

If you have any special requests or questions, please contact one of our Applications Engineers.

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