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Preventing or Eliminating Interference in an Audio System

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is both frustrating and annoying, especially when the problem affects your audio system. Reducing or eliminating electromagnetic or radiofrequency interference is often complicated as there are different types of interference, and each of them calls for a different approach or solution. While there is no quick fix to EM and RF interference, the best approach is the use of EMI shielding products to improve device performance.

Installing Ferrite Beads

You can install ferrite beads in different places of your audio system. They should be ideally inside your device\’s amplifier. Sometimes, adding a ferrite inside the amplifier is not possible. In these cases, you can also install ferrite beads in the connector that plugs into the amplifier. RF filters or chokes are placed on the leads picking up interference in an audio system. Use different types of ferrite material, depending on the frequency, to improve inductance to filter or choke off RF interference without compromising on the audio signal quality. You can also get ferrite rods for your transistor\’s antenna coils, which are easily available and affordable. Install them close to the amplifier\’s output terminals.


Lessen or eliminate EM/RF interference picked up by the audio system\’s leads by using EMI shielded speaker cables. All that needs to be done is connecting the outer shield to an amplifier\’s metal frame. We recommend that you avoid using low voltage microphone cable or low voltage signal because they will not last long. The higher currents or voltages that the device is expected to deal with may harm your amplifier using the wrong cables.

Choose our EMI/RFI shielding material and ferrite beads to reduce interference. If you have further questions about our range of products, contact us right away.

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