Managing Wireless EMI in Healthcare Facilities

Managing Wireless EMI in Healthcare Facilities

There are scarcely any industries that have not embraced advanced mechanisms to support their infrastructure, but with the explosion of technological advancement, there has been a rapid growth of electromagnetic interference (EMI). Wireless devices have made it difficult to keep the environment free from radio signals and this has become a serious concern for healthcare facilities. Although studies have confirmed that modern medical devices are resistant to wireless radio frequency (RF) emission, the interference factor remains. Healthcare organizations can, however, mitigate wireless EMI at appropriate levels by following the best practices.

Hospitals and other healthcare centers are trying to address the EMI issues in their own way. Some have even banned the use of mobile devices in their facilities. A study conducted by the UK-based Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) concluded that wireless devices posing a risk of emission should be kept away from medical equipment. Even a three-meter distance from such equipment can minimize the EMI risk. Another way to deal with the problem is to create “wireless friendly” and “wireless free” zones within a healthcare center. This can keep the medical devices safe and away from any unnecessary exposure.

Studies show that older equipment manufactured prior to 1993 are more susceptible to EMI. The latest devices, however, are designed with circuitry that responds only to a narrow frequency range and are less prone to interferences.

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