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Laser Cutting

A laser is a device that emits beams of coherent monochromatic light through stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. In shorter terms, a lot of energy in a very small focused area. To aid the laser, an assist gas is streamed at high pressure to blow out the molten material and protect the laser optics. When a laser is attached to computer numerical controllers (CNC), it can be used to cut custom designs into many materials. Leader Tech uses laser cutting as the primary method of blanking and cutting to make EMI shielding products for circuit boards and electronic enclosures as well as electrically conductive elastomers.


Leader Tech employs both CO2 and fiber lasers. The main difference between the two is their different active gain/laser mediums. A CO2 laser uses compressed gas as its source of active gain medium and a fiber laser uses optical fiber as the active gain medium. LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Therefore, the machines use its optical amplifier (active gain medium) and stimulated emission to focus light to a coherent stream. This coherent stream of light energy can then be used to cut.

Low Cost

One of the biggest benefits of laser cutting is the cost effectiveness versus other cutting and blanking methods. The laser cutting machines are automated and run entirely by their designed programs. This automation means less labor is required to operate the machines. In addition, tooling that may be required of stamping machines and typical CNC machines for custom shapes is not necessary for a laser cutter. Those other machines require mid-process tooling changeovers as well as tool replacements when the tools are worn down.


Laser cutting is one of the most accurate forms of cutting sheet metal. It is very evident that electronic components and assemblies are getting smaller and smaller. With the need for smaller and more accurate parts, laser cutting can accomplish what older sheet metal stamping/cutting methods could not. The laser is more accurate because of its computer-guided controls and designs as well as the small width of the beam itself. Laser cutting creates clean edges and produces very little burring compared to other methods.

Leader Tech’s laser cutting machines are ready for your complex and precise designs.

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