How Should You Install Ferrites For Effective EMI Shielding?

Cable Ferrites

Installing a ferrite cable shield to resolve an interference issue sounds easier than it actually is. The process requires a lot of deliberation and consideration on the part of the electrical designers and engineers. Considering how the FerriShield suppressors provide the best performance alternatives, you must adhere to some guidelines for a guaranteed outcome.

1. Cable Size

The diameter of the cable affects the performance of the ferrite shield. More than a single cable may be inserted through the core opening as every circuit interacts with the ferrite substance independently. Ideally, your goal should be to ensure a snug attachment that also boosts the attenuation effect significantly, owing to the greater magnetic path length.

2. Closure

To create the best magnetic path and maintain a relatively higher attenuation ratio, the outside dimensions of the cable and the inside dimensions of the ferrite should create a tight fit. However, a looser fit is required in some cases. For example, if you want a bigger ferrite or a purpose-fit slack cable for flexing, and tension control, it is necessary to opt for a looser fit.

3. Position

Cable ferrites are normally situated near the cable termination where it exits the electronic enclosure. In fact, you might have to install a suppressor on both ends if the cable connects two separate enclosures containing radio frequency sources.

In case of circuits present inside the enclosure, pick a position that is nearest to the radio frequency source. Alternatively, you could make the setup work by choosing any other point along the circuit. In this instance, the ferrite acts as a cable routing guide when it is attached to the enclosure.

Properly installing a cable ferrite is half the job done. The performance of this component hinges largely on the careful setup of the suppressor, so you need to follow all the steps thoroughly. The other half is based on the build and quality of the ferrite shield. If you want the best components in the industry, refer to Leader Tech’s cable FerriShield ferrites Part Numbers CA28B0642, CA28B1805, CF28B0984, and so on.

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