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Discover the benefits of the versatile, 6-sided CBS2 shielding enclosures


Electrical engineers and designers rely on extremely compact circuit board shields (CBS) to safeguard products against EMI and RFI radiation. Throughout the years, Leader Tech has introduced multiple design variations of the CBS and one of the most popular remains the CBS2 6-sided shielding enclosure. This self-contained, engineered faraday cage is highly versatile because it allows for mounting of the PCB on any orientation or side. The company recommends using GRIP-SERT style threaded inserts, which allow customers to utilize PCB attachment within the shielding box as well as attach components outside of the shielded space if desired. As a result, the CBS2 shielding box can be used in a diverse range of unique mounting applications.


The CBS2 shield from Leader Tech are offered in .015” thick pre-tin plated steel, Alloy 770 (Nickel Silver), or pre-tin plated Phosphorus Bronze material. The shape of this product can range from L-shape to T-shape, as well as a standard rectangle or square. Standard CBS2 shields can be manufactured & shipped within 2 weeks.

Design Features

Leader Tech has drawn on years of industry experience and research to impart the CBS2 shielding products with adjustable covers of varying height and features. The product even consists of a fence that uses tested cover retention fingers on both sides. Other optional features of the CBS2 product worth mentioning are the mounting hardware for printed circuit boards, ventilation holes, locking dimples, and cutouts for input/output components.

Leader Tech has never been a one-product-fits-all sort of company and the CBS2 product is manufactured according to the same principles. There are many different sizes & variations available to accommodate the needs of numerous applications.


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