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How Do You Determine The Quality of Thermal Gap Fillers?

thermal gap fillers

As the name suggests, thermal gap fillers act as high heat transfer media. These come in the form of sheets and can be manufactured to conform to a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and surface irregularities.Thermal gap fillers are highly effective at filling large-sized gaps between two surfaces, and they exhibit lower thermal resistance properties while replacing air gaps between surfaces coated with thermally conductive substances. There are a few things to consider when choosing the ideal thermal gap filler:


You must always measure the amount of heat that the filler needs to dissipate. Whenever you are attempting to dissipate a large amount of heat, you must opt for a higher performance gap filler. Lower performance gap fillers will not be able to achieve the task satisfactorily. The performance of a thermal gap filler can be determined by virtue of its thermal resistance.When it is low, it will be better equipped to remove high quantities of heat from a specific package, and this is the kind you should pick.


Thermal gap fillers are ideal for larger interface footprints and dimensions. They easily fill all the voids and the surface irregularities. Large footprints, like 3” X 4”, are better suited for gap fillers since they fill the void across the whole area without worrying about surface polish and flatness.

We offer high-quality thermal gap filler material, and our products come with a protective plastic liner on both the top and the bottom of each sheet which makes it easy to handle, die-cut, and hand cut. You just have to remove the sheet for a super-easy installation. Contact us for super-efficient EMI shielding products delivered to you fast.

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