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3 Industrial Applications for Elastomer Products

Application of Elastomer Products

Elastomers are the most sought-after materials used today for a number of applications. Besides elasticity and flexibility, they are also known for their mechanical properties, outstanding electrical insulation, and low permeability to water, gas and steam. Due to their dynamic properties, elastomers are used in various industrial applications such as:

1. Seals and O-Rings

Elastomer products are extensively used in multiple seal applications such as pneumatic, O-ring and hydraulic deployments. Seals and O-rings find their use in industrial machinery. Besides preventing leakage of fluids, hydraulic seal applications also resist extreme pressure as well as transverse forces inside the cylinder. Pneumatic seals are employed in low-pressure environments where reciprocating or rotational movements exist in a valve or cylinder. Use them in high operation speeds where you would require less lubrication and pressure. The typical examples include rod seals, piston seals and flange packings.

2. Gaskets

Gaskets are used to provide effective insulation, and is also useful in preventing the leakage of fluids or gases between connected surfaces which are under compressive force. Based on the type of joined surfaces, many of the gaskets can be made into custom shapes and sizes. The kind of elastomer to be used depends on a number of factors like mechanical properties within the application, service temperature, and different environmental properties such as ozone, UV and weathering considerations. There are also some chemical resistance problems like salt water, hydraulic fluids, acids and oils. You\’ll find gasket applications in the automotive industry. The gasket is found between the cylinder heads and the engine block of an internal combustion engine. It offers useful compression and stops discharge of flammable fuel mix, motor oil and coolant.

3. Reduction of Noise

The dynamic properties of elastomer products are used for noise reduction in the automotive industry. Even large-scale industrial fans use them for dampening the sound. The elastomeric materials stop the movement of structural vibration from industrial fans. Reduction in vibration means little sound radiation and quieter industrial operation.

Like any other application, the type of elastomer products you should use would typically depend upon the solution you are looking for. Our team of experts can guide you to the right decision. Contact us today.

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