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3 Essential EMI Shielding Gasket Designing Processes


Leader Tech supplies a broad range of EMI shielding gaskets to boost the performance of electronic equipment and applications including computers, telecom base stations, high-end electronics, medical and military devices, automotive control systems, avionics, and communication systems. These protective units are designed to prevent the transmission of unwanted radiations,into the environment, and preventing crosstalks among the electrical circuits, in the process. The manufacturing process of EMI gaskets caters to the diverse needs of designing electronic devices. In this blog, we will walk you through the three types of gasket manufacturing techniques to protect your devices or applications.

1. Extruded Gaskets

If you want to protect your groove and flange applications, then extruded EMI gaskets are your best bet. The process creates unique shapes including solid rectangle, solid O, hollow rectangle, and hollow D, O, P, and U shapes. Once you are through with the extrusion and curing process, the elastomers are cut and fixed together based on your requirements. You can use these products  to seal gaps in your EMI shielding enclosures.

2. Die-Cutting

Die-cut your shielding gaskets from EMI silicone to protect your applications. No matter how many gaskets you use, once you know the exact specifications, choosing the die-cutting process becomes easy. It is a speedy, effective, and repeatable solution for protecting your devices from electromagnetic interference (EMI). Die cutting is ideal for nested components and slots that come with fasteners. The process is also the perfect solution for kiss-cutting and adhesive backing. With die cutting, you no longer need to use fluid adhesives that are difficult to manage on the assembly line. These gaskets are easily available and have short lead times.

3. Molded EMI Gaskets

It is one of the best ways to cut back on your shielding expenses. It is possible by doing away with the center drop waste that is typical of the die-cut process. Factoring the cost is essential because electrically conductive silicones cost more than conventional gaskets available in the market. Molded EMI shields are compatible with three-dimensional designs. Therefore, if you are looking for design flexibility, custom-molded gaskets are your best bet. However, you may have to shell out more for tooling costs and extended lead times. The other benefits include precision and speed at which the parts are designed. It allows for little material loss.

Choose Leader Tech, your one-stop destination for EMI gaskets for the optimal protection of your high-end electronic applications. We specialize in the supply of the most intricate and innovative products. For more information about our range of EMI shielding gaskets, contact us today.

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