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Conductive Elastomer Galvanic Compatibility ​

Conductive Elastomer Galvanic Compatibility Guide

Galvanic compatibility is a significant consideration when specifying a conductive elastomer as an EMI shielding or environmental seal gasket. A properly selected gasket will provide excellent shielding effectiveness and environmental protection
while exhibiting minimal galvanic corrosion.

Galvanic corrosion is an electrochemical reaction that occurs when two dissimilar materials are in direct contact in a favorable environment (temperature, humidity, salinity, water). The galvanic series offers a general guideline for selecting compatible metallic couples.


However, electrically conductive elastomers are composite materials that react differently than metals due to many factors including the composition of the conductive fillers, the permeability of the elastomer, and the presence of unique corrosion inhibitors.

How to Use the Chart
The chart below provides a guide for selecting the least corrosive galvanic couple between your metal chassis and the conductive elastomer.

Simply find your chassis material in the first column and follow the line to the right to determine what conductive elastomer is best for your application.

Conductive elastomer galvanic compatibility chart

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