Shielding Fabrics

Bonding or laminating to complex geometric shapes with optional hot melt or conductive adhesive.
  • Large surface coverage with minimal seams due to 41” material width
  • ESD/RFI-EMI shielding attenuation > 70dB up to 10 GHz for CuNi type
  • Seal enclosure panels and frames, seams or joints
  • Use for architectural shielding or shielded room wall and ceiling finishing
  • All materials are available in non-adhesive, hot melt or conductive adhesive backing
  • Standard sheets are 41” x 36” (1041 x 914 mm)
  • Longer lengths can be custom ordered – please consult factory for information
  • Full rolls are 325’ (99M) long – please consult factory for ordering information. Note: conductive adhesive versions are 164’ (50M) long

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Shielding effectiveness is determined by a combination of the reflection and absorption of RF signals. Absorption depends on the thickness of the shield material. However, reflection occurs at the shield surface and its effectiveness is independent of thickness. Reflection is the determining factor for all high frequency signal attenuation. (Note: When using these materials for conductive shielding gaskets, conductivity is the determinant.) Maximum reflection occurs with the highest conductivity materials – the best being copper, nickel and combinations of both.

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