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Thermal Product Solutions

High Performance Indium

High Performance Indium

Leader Tech’s TCI series is a new type of composite indium sheet capable of transitioning from solid
to liquid at its melting point and back to solid again at room temperature. Capable of uniform thermal
resistance at compressed environments where low stress is applied.

How to order product to size:

WWWW = Width in inches (ex 5.00″ = 0500)

LLLL = Length in inches (ex 10.00″ = 1000)

TTT = Thickness in inches (ex 0.040″ = 040)

Example: TCI800-05001000-040

Part numbers will be provided in inches


  • Graphic Processors
  • Base stations
  • Microprocessors
  • Laptops, CPU/APUs

Features & Benefits:

  • Low pressure capabilities
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Good thermal stability

Standard Thickness:

TCI800: 0.008″, 0.020”

Leader Tech Series TCI800
Thermal Conductivity Z (W/m-K) ≥ 80
Thermal Conductivity X,Y (W/m-K) 80
Thermal Resistance (°C-in^2/W; @10Psi) ≤ 0.055
Color Bright Silver
Thickness (in) 0.008 - 0.020
Density (lb/in^3) 0.264
Operating Temperature (°F) -58 to 932
Melting Point Range (°F) 80 deg C

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1. Customize product to size

Indium Standard Thicknesses

  • TCI800: 0.008″ – 0.020″

Customize Product Size (Example)

Product Example = TGN160
Width in inches (ex 1.10″ = 0110)
Length in inches (ex 02.25″ = 0225)
Thickness in inches (ex 0.040″ = 040)

Part Number (Example)

How to order product to size TGN

2. Order direct from Leader Tech or from a distributor

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