Products and Literature

Board Level Shielding
  • Standard and Multi-Cavity CBS
  • Modified Standard Options
  • Custom Circuit Board Shields
FerriShield Ferrites
  • Snap-On Bisected & Solid Bead Ferrites
  • Round & Flat Styles for Cables, Wires and Flex Circuits
  • Low, High, Microwave and Wideband Frequency-Specific Material
Enclosure Shielding
  • BeCu Fingerstock Gaskets
  • TechSIL 5000 Conductive Elastomers
  • Conductive Fabric Shielding Gaskets
  • TechSIL 8000 Oriented Wire Gaskets
  • TechMESH Knitted Wire Gaskets
  • TechMESH Combo Strip & Gaskets
  • TechVent Honeycomb Shielding Panels

Leader Tech is a world-leading innovator and US-based manufacturer of EMI shielding products for circuit boards, enclosures and cables. In addition to our best selling standard, modified standard and custom CBS shields, Leader Tech offers an expansive line of beryllium copper fingerstock gaskets, conductive elastomers, advanced RF absorber materials and EMI/RFI ferrites.