Product Catalog & Product profiles

Product Catalogs

Circuit Board Shielding

SMS Shields
Board Shield Prototype Kit
Tech Clip
Board Level shielding with removable pick spot
Tech Clip Mini
Tech Clip Kit

Enclosure Shielding

Electrically Conductive Adhesives
Divider Edge Series Gaskets
Copper Foil Tape
Mushroom Extrusions Product Profile
Tech Vent EMI/RFI Vent Panels
Mesh Gaskets Product Profile
Fabric Gaskets (FSG)
TechSil Conductive Elastomers
High-Temp Fabric Shielding Gasket
Connector Product Bulletin
I/O (Input/Output) Gaskets
Conductive Foam (CFS)

Thermal Product Solutions

Thermal Gap Fillers
Thermal Conductive Double-Sided Adhesive
Thermally Conductive Electrical Insulators
Thermal Grease/Gel data sheet
Thermally Conductive Graphite

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Leader Tech is a world leading innovator and manufacturer of EMI shielding products for circuit boards, electronic enclosures, thermal products, microwave absorbers and interconnect cables.

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