Special Flange Mount Gaskets

TechSIL MIL-DTL-83528/014X EMI/RFI Shielding Conductive Elastomer gaskets come in a .032” thickness. These are specialty gaskets that can be Die-Cut out of all sixteen standard compounds. Additional sizes and compounds available upon request. These gaskets are also available with Conductive Pressure Sensitive Adhesive.

Part Number MIL-DTL-83528 Part Number Elastomer Filler
5214-0001-10 M83528/014A001 Silicone Ag/Cu
5214-0001-15 M83528/014G001 Silicone Ag/Cu
5214-0001-20 M83528/014B001 Silicone Ag/Al
5214-0001-25 M83528/014H001 Silicone Ag
5214-0001-30 M83528/014C001 Fluorosilicone Ag/Cu
5214-0001-35 M83528/014F001 Fluorosilicone Ag
5214-0001-40 M83528/014D001 Fluorosilicone Ag/Al
5214-0001-45 M83528/014K001 Silicone Ag/Cu
5214-0001-50 M83528/014M001 Silicone Ag/G
5214-0001-55 M83528/014E001 Silicone Ag
5214-0001-60 N/A Silicone Ni/C
5214-0001-65 M83528/014L001 Silicone Ag/Ni
5214-0001-76 N/A Silicone Ag
5214-0001-90 N/A Fluorosilicone Ni/C
5214-0002-10 M83528/014A002 Silicone Ag/Cu
5214-0002-15 M83528/014G002 Silicone Ag/Cu
5214-0002-20 M83528/014B002 Silicone Ag/Al
5214-0002-25 M83528/014H002 Silicone Ag
5214-0002-30 M83528/014C002 Fluorosilicone Ag/Cu
5214-0002-35 M83528/014F002 Fluorosilicone Ag
5214-0002-40 M83528/014D002 Fluorosilicone Ag/Al
5214-0002-45 M83528/014K002 Silicone Ag/Cu
5214-0002-50 M83528/014M002 Silicone Ag/G
5214-0002-55 M83528/014E002 Silicone Ag
5214-0002-60 N/A Silicone Ni/C
5214-0002-65 M83528/014L002 Silicone Ag/Ni
5214-0002-76 N/A Silicone Ag
5214-0002-90 N/A Fluorosilicone Ni/C

Catalog Image
Catalog Image
12345 35-2
Benefits of Conductive Elastomer Shielding Gaskets-2 Galvanic Compatability Chart

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