Low Profile Slot-Lok

When space is tight...we’ve got you covered. Leader Tech’s Low Profile Slot-Lok™ design is the perfect choice for demanding applications that require a board-level shield, but have a stringent height requirement of less than .150”. This design variation offers all of the flexibility and benefits of the standard Slot-Lok™ series with a very compact profile. The shields are manufactured using RoHS compliant materials which exhibit exceptional solder characteristics,corrosion resistance and shielding effectiveness.

Sizes: .50” x 12.00” Shapes: Squares, Rectangles and Odd Shapes Heights: <.150” to 2.00” Material Thickness: .010” (,25), .012” (,31) or .015” (,38) Std Material: Pre-tin plated steel Cover Retention: 1.5 - 2.5 lb./linear inch Shielding Effectiveness: up to 60 dB
  • Unlimited board shield sizes
  • Limitless pin spacing options
  • Variety of cover retention methods
  • Pull tabs for ease of cover removal
  • Custom access holes and notches
  • Ventilation holes for cover
  • Multiple finish plating options
  • Low profile Slot-Lok™ design
  • Short lead time
  • Through-hole or surface mount
  • Tape and reel packaging for automatic placement available
  • Ideal for applications with height restrictions under .150”

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Material Options • Pre-tin plated Phos Bronze • Alloy 770 • Brass • BeCu Finish Plating Options • Bright tin • Matte tin • Tin lead (not RoHS compliant) • Nickel