Divider Edge Series Gaskets

Leader Tech’s Divider Edge Series gaskets are specifically designed for todays smaller components. The gasket shape and lance features grip on to internal casting walls while the formed fingers create a vertical contact surface. Beryllium copper spring material in .003” thickness allows the gaskets to be easily installed and maintain a low compression force. Leader Tech offers this series of gaskets in two different versions. Parts can be supplied in standard, 12” strips or cut to a required length

Part Number A B C D FINGERS Pitch Material Thickness
5-6-DES-XX-12 0.052in | 1.32mm 0.055in | 1.40mm 0.063in | 1.60mm 0.120in | 3.05mm 0.045in | 1.140mm 0.157in | 3.99mm 0.003in | 0.08mm
3-19DES-XX-12 0.030in | 0.76mm 0.035in | 1.89mm 0.183in | 4.65mm 0.175in | 4.45mm 0.030in | 0.76mm 0.300in | 7.62mm 0.003in | 0.08mm

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Finish Type Applicable Specifications Leader Tech Finish Code
Bright Finish - BD
Bright Tin ASTM B-545, CLASS A SN
Satin/Matte Tin ASTM B-545, CLASS A ST
Tin Lead ASTM B-579, SC2 SNpb
Electro-less Nickel RoHS ASTM B-733, SC 1, CLASS 1 NI
Zinc/Chromate Clear ASTM B-633, SC1, TYPE III Zinc
Zinc/Chromate Yellow ASTM B-633, SC1, TYPE II ZincY
Clear Cadmium Chromate ASTM B-766, CLASS 5, TYPE III CDC
Yellow Cadmium Chromate ASTM B-766,CLASS 5, TYPE II CDY
Bright Silver ASTM B-700, TYPE 2, GRADE B, CLASS N AG
Satin/Matte Silver ASTM B-700, TYPE 2, GRADE A, CLASS N MAG
Gold ASTM B-488, TYPE I, CODE C, CLASS 1.25 AU
Solderable Unplated - SU