In addition to our large assortment of stock products, Leader Tech offers customers the ability to create custom and die-cut shielding gaskets using any of our conductive elastomer formulations or fabric shielding gasket materials. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities include extrusion, molding and precision die-cut shapes and sizes. All of our EMI/Shielding high-performance custom gaskets can be made from your choice of eleven MIL-DTL-83528 Conductive Elastomer compounds, our Fabric Shielding Gasket material or from our Combination Mesh Materials. Depending on your unique application requirements, our engineering team will work to develop a custom gasketing solution that exhibits superior shielding properties and ensures a long performance life in a cost effective manner. Please review your application with our Material Specialist and Engineering Group to determine the best materials to use for your application.


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Benefits of Conductive Elastomer Shielding Gaskets-2 Galvanic Compatability Chart

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1. Minimum recommended flange width (W) is .125”. 2. Hole diameter (D) must exceed material thickness (T). 3. Distance edge of hole to edge of gasket (E) mustexceed material thickness (T). If not possible, then a slot is required. 4. Recommend assign datum to hole C/L and not to edge of gasket.