Engineered 6-sided Shield Enclosure The versatile 6-sided CBS2 Shielding Box can be mounted on any side or orientation. We recommend the use of GRIP-SERT style threaded inserts. These inserts are completely threaded, enabling them to be utilized both as a method of exterior box attachment and for PCB attachment inside of the shielding box. This allows the use of CBS2 shielding boxes in a wide variety of unique mounting applications. These highly versatile inserts deliver high torque-out resistance and high pullout values in our standard .015’’ pre-tin plated steel or pre-tin plated Phos Bronze (P). Design The Leader Tech CBS2 consists of the following: (1) fence using proven cover retention fingers on both sides (2) covers with height and features to be specified


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Style Figure A
CBS2 1 0.80 (in), 20.32 (mm)

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Material Options
  • Pre-tin plated steel
  • Pre-tin plated Phos Bronze (P)
  • Mu metal
  • Alloy 770
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • L-shape
  • T-shape
Optional Features
  • I/O cutouts
  • Mounting hardware for PCB
  • Ventilation holes
  • Locking dimples

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