Custom One Piece Shields

Decades of engineering and manufacturing experience provide you with the ultimate board level shielding flexibility. From 3D modeling, material selection and prototype to high volume production, we are with you every step of the way. Our one piece shields can be designed to mate properly with our tech clips.

Slot-Lok Standard

Quick-Turn, Near Custom Shielding Solutions

Slot-LokTM shields from Leader Tech represent a proprietary manufacturing process that increases shield design flexibility while reducing lead time and total product cost. Slot-LokTM Circuit Board Shields achieve this by applying standardized manufacturing methods to produce what would traditionally be a custom manufactured product. The proprietary Slot-LokTM manufacturing process has helped many companies reduce their design-to-delivery time by a factor of four without incurring tooling charges.

An added feature of the Slot-LokTM design is an audible click that confirms secure retention of the cover.

Low Profile Slot-Lok


When space is tight…we’ve got you covered.

Leader Tech’s Low Profile Slot-Lok™ design is the perfect choice for demanding applications that require a board-level shield, but have a stringent height requirement of less than .150”.

This design variation offers all of the flexibility and benefits of the standard Slot-Lok™ series with a very compact profile. The shields are manufactured using RoHS compliant materials which exhibit exceptional solder characteristics,corrosion resistance and shielding effectiveness.

Multi-Cavity Slot-Lok


A Low-Cost, Multi-Cavity Alternative

The proprietary and extremely cost-effective Slot-Lok™ design and
manufacturing process can accommodate virtually any multi-cavity shielding application requirement. This circuit board shield uses a flexible manufacturing technology that increases design options while reducing lead time and total product cost.



Engineered 6-sided Shield Enclosure

The versatile 6-sided CBS2 Shielding Box can be mounted on any side or orientation. We recommend the use of GRIP-SERT style threaded inserts.

These inserts are completely threaded, enabling them to be utilized both as a method of exterior box attachment and for PCB attachment inside of the shielding box. This allows the use of CBS2 shielding boxes in a wide variety of unique mounting applications.

These highly versatile inserts deliver high torque-out resistance and high pullout values in our standard .015’’ pre-tin plated steel or pre-tin plated Phos Bronze (P).


The Leader Tech CBS2 consists of the following:

(1) fence using proven cover retention fingers on both sides

(2) covers with height and features to be specified