Copper Foil Tape

Copper foil tapes are ideally suited for critical shielding and masking applications. Copper tape has countless applications in electronics from creating low-profile traces for electrical components to RF-shielding.

Divider Edge Series Gaskets

Leader Tech’s Divider Edge Series gaskets are specifically designed for todays smaller components. The gasket shape and lance features grip on to internal casting walls while the formed fingers create a vertical contact surface. Beryllium copper spring material in .003” thickness allows the gaskets to be easily installed and maintain a low compression force. Leader Tech offers this series of gaskets in two different versions. Parts can be supplied in standard, 12” strips or cut to a required length

I/O (Input/Output) Gaskets


Eliminates gap problem between connector and I/O surface.

EMI gaskets are used on electronic enclosures by connecting two opposing metallic planes, making them appear as one continuous surface applications. Leader Tech offers a variety of I/O gasket cutout options that adapt to an era of increasing diversity of electronic devices. Materials for the gaskets include conductive elastomers, fabric shielding gaskets and conductive foam, which provide excellent conductivity and shielding effectiveness. Each material provides specific benefits; environmental sealing for elastomers, low cost for fabric shielding gaskets and low compression force for conductive fabric shielding. Several manufacturing methods are offered in order to ensure that the most cost-effective method is utilized to produce your gaskets. For more information about each of the materials above, please refer to their respective catalogs.

Click HERE for IO Gasket Form

Mesh Washers

Mesh washers are constructed of knitted mesh wire. The metal mesh material can be SnCuFe (tin-plated copper-clad steel), Monel (nickel-copper alloy) or aluminum. The most common wire materials are Monel, which combines excellent EMI/RFI protection, high resistance to oxidation, high tensile strength and resiliency, and SnCuFe, which offers best shielding performance at lower frequencies, especially with respect to magnetic fields. Aluminum mesh is occasionally used when the mating surfaces are aluminum. Gaskets can be ordered to specific ID, OD and thickness as needed.

Sheet Material

Leader Tech’s EMI/RFI Shielding Conductive Elastomer TechSIL Sheet products can be used to die-cut connector gaskets or for custom shapes. They come in many sizes and thicknesses. The most common sizes are 10” x 10”, 10” x 15”, 12 x 12”, 10” x 20”, and 20” x 20” and are available in multiple thicknesses from .020” to .125”. Additional sizes and thicknesses are available upon request. Sheets can be made to special sizes to eliminate any waste that could occur during water-jet or die cutting. TechSIL sheets can be molded out of all sixteen compounds and special compounds are available upon request. All sheets area available with Conductive Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. Our 20″ x 20″ sheet has the best per square inch cost.

Surface Mount Gaskets and Grounding Pads

Our SMG gaskets can be used with many different types of board level shielding needs and when grounding points are required on your board. Form-in-Place gaskets can be eliminated by transferring the gasket to the board rather than to the thin edge of a casting or machined housing. No fear of damaging a thin Form-in-Place gasket during handling and assembly process. High speed SMT assembly of our tape and reel supplied gaskets make this a low cost reliable assembly option.

Tech Clip-Mini

Tech Clip Board

The Tech Clip- Mini (TC-01-Mini) is an EMI board shield clip which provides a cost effective alternative to using a 2-piece shielding solution and allows for EMI shield placement on a PCB without post soldering. The Tech Clip eliminates the need for hand soldering, as the parts are delivered in tape & reel packaging and are compatible with high speed automated placement equipment. The Tech Clip allows for easy shield removal and replacement for PCB rework or maintenance, and saves money on PCB costs by eliminating the need for through holes.

Tech Vent EMI/RFI Vent Panels

Leader Tech’s low cost EMI vent panels are the perfect solution to shield openings for heating and ventilation against electromagnetic interference. The Tech Vent EMI vent panels are constructed with aluminum honeycomb to maximize shielding effectiveness as well as airflow performance. These panels are manufactured with a rigid aluminum frame and pre-drilled to meet your mounting specifications. They utilize EMI gasketing as well as weather sealing material for grounding to an enclosure and providing environmental protection. The panels can also be plated in a variety of finishes to improve shielding, corrosion resistance, and galvanic compatibility.

TechSIL Oriented Wire

Leader Tech’s TechSIL 8000 Oriented Wire gasketing is designed for use in suppressing EMI/RFI up to 100 dB in the E-Field/up to 50 dB in the H-Field, while offering an effective environmental seal between mating surfaces. This material is comprised of monel or aluminum wire oriented perpendicular to the mating surfaces and embedded in solid or sponge silicone elastomer. The wires are crimped for additional resiliency and to optimize the mechanical performance of the gasket. The silicone based TechSIL has 700-900 wires per sq./in. and is capable of withstanding temperatures from -80° to a maximum of 500° F (-62° to 260°C). TechSIL Oriented Wire materials are available in strip or sheet form and can easily be die cut into complex shapes or fabricated into custom frame gaskets. All
TechSIL 8000 materials meet the DESC drawing 90046.

Thermal Gap Filler

Thermal gap fillers are a reliable heat transfer media which conform to surface gaps and irregularities to fill the air gaps and conduct heat from a heat source to another surface, or heat sink. Where space exists between two mating surfaces varies, whether from different shapes or rough surface textures, a thermal transfer concern is often present. Available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and thermal conductivities, thermal gap fillers are a cost-effective solution for some of the most difficult and delicate thermal situations in a broad range of applications.