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The Industry’s Lead Performing Circuit Board Shields

Tampa, FL —Thursday, August 18, 2022—Leader Tech’s standard CBS products lead the board-level shielding industry in performance, flexibility, and value. The highly reliable 2-piece design (fence and cover) accommodates virtually any custom through-hole or surface mount application. Leader Tech’s two-piece design can ne formed into squares, rectangles or odd shapes in quarter inch increments. These shields also require no tooling or NRE costs and come is heights from 0.13 inches to 4.0 inches above the board.

The shields offer industry leading performance with shielding effectiveness up to 60 dB. Products are available in Tin-plated steel, Tin-plated Phosphorus Bronze (for non-magnetic applications) and Ally 770 for high corrosion resistance and non-magnetic applications. Covers can also be solid or vented.

To learn more about our CBS product line, watch our video here: https://leadertechinc.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/054-LeaderTech007-CBSB-1.mp4

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