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Leader Tech’s low cost EMI vent panels are the perfect solution to shield openings for heating and ventilation against electromagnetic interference. The Tech Vent EMI vent panels are constructed with aluminum honeycomb to maximize shielding effectiveness as well as airflow performance. These panels are manufactured with a rigid aluminum frame and pre-drilled to meet your mounting specifications. They utilize EMI gasketing as well as weather sealing material for grounding to an enclosure and providing environmental protection. The panels can also be plated in a variety of finishes to improve shielding, corrosion resistance, and galvanic compatibility. For more information visit: https://leadertechinc.com/product/tech-vent-emi-rfi-vent-panels/

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Leader Tech is a world leading innovator and manufacturer of EMI shielding products for circuit boards, electronic enclosures, thermal products, microwave absorbers and interconnect cables.

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