Most engineers have experienced seemingly impossible time-to-market demands that are often complicated by compliance testing issues. To help alleviate some of this pressure, Leader Tech announces the introduction of a new SMS Surface Mount Shield series.

The SMS shielding line offers a highly reliable, off-the-shelf solution for most surface-mount applications. These in-stock circuit board shields are offered in both one-piece and two-piece design styles to accommodate broad ranging assembly and rework requirements. Twenty-seven sizes and styles can be shipped for your sample or prototype volume order with 24 hours.

The circuit board shields are manufactured from .01” and .012” tin plated steel, provide a shielding effectiveness up to 60dB and offer cover retention of 1.5-2.5 lb./linear inch in the 2-piece configuration.

Standard as well as tape & reel packaging options are available to accommodate your specific manufacturing requirements.

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