To help engineers who are trouble shooting diverse and many times elussive EMI issues, Leader Tech has published a 6-page, quick reference guide that provides an overview of company products and capabilities.

In today’s fast-paced electronics marketplace it is extrememly common for products to integrate specialized components from several differnet manufacturers. Unfortunately, this trend has also led to many unanticipated radiated emissions and compliance problems. Independently these components perform as expected but when they are installed in close proximity on the same circuit board, signal integrity and interference problems become apparent.

The new product reference guide from Leader Tech features three, 1-page sections that highlight shielding solutions for virtually any board, enclosure and cable interference problem. From FerriShield cable ferrites to advanced Fabric Shielding Gaskets and military-grade Circuit Board Shields, engineeres can quicky find one or more cost-effective solutions to their problem. This allows engineers to reduce time-to-market, lower shielding expense and benefit from single-source responsibility.

Leader Tech’s Products and Capabilities Overview brochure is available for immediate download from the company’s website at

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