Advanced military communication platforms now integrate multiple electronic components to provide improved situational awareness, communications and even weapons support. A critical element to the successful operation of these systems is a circuit board shield that can eliminate unwanted electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, as well as stand-up to the punishment of harsh and high-vibration environments.

Leader Tech’s standard CBS line is an ideal shielding solution for many of these mission critical applications. The rugged 2-piece fence & cover design allows easy access to board level components during assembly and rework and provides a cover retention up to 2.5 lb./linear inch once attached. Numerous fence height options are available to accommodate electronic components ranging from .13” (3,3) to .80” (20,3). Each shield can also be specified for through hole or surface mount installation. The Leader Tech CBS product line delivers a Shielding Effectiveness to 60 dB and is available with many customization and finish plating options.

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