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Micro-D Gaskets Designed

for MIL-DTL 83513Connectors

Leader Tech’s Micro-D Connector Gaskets are specifically designed to be used with MIL-DTL-83513 microminiature connectors. These specialized gaskets eliminate any unwanted gaps between the connector and I/O surface points and offer a shielding effectiveness of 80-115 dB.

The micro-D connector gaskets are available in 9-pin through 100-pin sizes and will fit either plug or socket versions of the connectors. The gaskets are offered in beryllium copper or stainless steel base materials and the recommended compression is 30-50% of the gasket height. Tin and electroless nickel are standard plating options for beryllium copper parts with other finishes available upon request.

To learn more about our Micro-D Connector Gaskets and see if this is the right option for your next project, please click here:


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