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Enclosure Design Guidance for Magnetic Shielding Applications Blog from the Experts at Leader Tech

The engineers at Leader Tech have released a comprehensive blog article offering valuable insights into the design principles of flux-entrapment shields for effective magnetic shielding. Titled “Enclosure Design Guidance for Magnetic Shielding Applications,” the blog delves into the two main types of magnetic shields: lossy shields and flux-entrapment shields.

It emphasizes the importance of providing a complete path for magnetic field lines, employing shields with rounded corners and overlapping joints, and ensuring tight enclosure of the shielded space. The article also highlights the significance of permeability and thickness in enhancing magnetic performance, and recommends nesting multiple shields to combat saturation and achieve higher levels of attenuation.

Readers seeking expert assistance or having specific EMI shielding needs are encouraged to contact Leader Tech’s Applications Engineers for personalized support.

To access the full blog post and gain insights into coplanarity and its significance in board level shielding design, please visit: https://leadertechinc.com/blog/enclosure-design-guidance-for-magnetic-shielding-applications/

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