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Leader Tech-A HEICO Company: Multiple EMI/RFI Shielding Techniques to Choose From

Electromagnetic waves are produced when a current runs through a circuit. The interactions between these waves emitted from the circuit is what causes interference and cross talk. On a more macroscopic level, these occurrences interfere with the current flow of proximate circuits in an electronic device, resulting in inaccuracies or abnormalities in the device output, hampering their performance. Consequently, EMI/RFI shielding techniques were invented to prevent the effects of this condition. However, deploying these techniques are easier said than done since they often end up decreasing the equipment’s capabilities instead of improving them. Sometimes they use a shielding material that is simply not compatible with the devices target material, while in other instances the wrong shielding technique is used in error. Leader Tech, an industry veteran in the EMI/RFI Shielding space delivers the answer to these issues, and offers its customers a myriad of shielding options that ensure that devices operate to their fullest potential.

A subsidiary of HEICO Corporation, Leader Tech offers a wide range of device-agnostic EMI/RFI shielding solutions as well as engineering support to customer’s with underperforming devices. Once the customer provides Leader Tech with the necessary background info on their application and equipment Leader Tech will then find the right shielding solution to meet that particular customer’s needs. Using their extensive experience in manufacturing shielding solutions, the company is able to cater to the needs of all production quantities from prototypes to mass production requirements. 

When you contact Leader Tech, we can look at your application and offer you the right solution at the lowest cost to ensure that you’re able to protect your equipment or keep it from interfering with other devices

While selecting the correct shielding method for a device, Leader Tech takes into consideration many key points. The criteria includes various factors such as the environment, galvanic compatibility, commercial/military application, the number of parts, and the cost of production. After selecting the parameters, they select the most effective materials to create the shielding solution. Additionally, 90 percent of all their products are manufactured in Florida. Leader Tech’s engineering support group is very knowledgeable about EMI/RFI shielding and can offers various solutions such as board-level shielding, conductive elastomers, thermal solutions, custom stamping, a variety of gasketing, etc. As Tracy Kuhns, President of Leader Tech, says, “We have such a large product offering, we can look at your application and offer you the right solution at the lowest cost to ensure that you’re able to protect your unit or keep it from interfering with other units.”

Not only did Leader Tech’s solution improve the performance of its customer’s products, but it also reduced their manufacturing cost significantly. For instance, a customer contacted Leader Tech as they needed to use gold plating on a part of their equipment to increase galvanic compatibility and reduce corrosion. The customer wanted to make the gold plating interact with a nickel part which Leader Tech discovered, offered no advantage or benefit in improving the device’s performance. Instead, the Leader Tech team suggested using nickel plating instead of gold in shielding the part. As a result, the galvanic compatibility was smoother, and the equipment manufacturing costs were reduced by over 50 percent.

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It is cases like these that increase Leader Tech’s popularity among OEM’S (Original Equipment Manufacturers). As such, they are seeing an influx of opportunities at a constant pace. To handle them all with utmost dedication, the company increased its manufacturing square footage by over 30 percent. Leader Tech the leading edge in EMI/RFI shielding technology. Their global EMI Shielding Technology Center is located in Tampa, FL.

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