An important factor to consider in the design of an electronic enclosure is its ability to prevent unwanted interference from seeping into the surrounding environment. Leader Tech beryllium-copper fingerstock gaskets are an ideal choice for making reliable electrical contact between parallel seams (mating surfaces) that are created by enclosure access doors and panels. The company’s high-performance, hardened Alloy 25 gaskets are available in hundreds of easy-to-install styles and sizes to accommodate thousands of enclosure applications. Once installed, the gaskets exhibit excellent Shielding Effectiveness over a broad frequency range. Due to high tensile strength and resiliency, these gaskets can withstand repeated compressions that are encountered when opening and closing an enclosure door. Leader Tech fingerstock gaskets can be cut to application specific lengths and are available in multiple plating finishes to promote optimal galvanic compatibility. In addition, the wiping action of gasket fingers act as a self-cleaning mechanism during every compression cycle.

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