Virtually all electronic enclosures have seams, openings and gaps that allow unwanted EMI to escape if they are not properly shielded. Leader Tech’s new EMI Enclosure Shielding Solutions catalog provides engineers with a single reference source for thousands of EMI gaskets and material options. In addition to a large selection of beryllium copper fingerstock gaskets, the brochure features a full line of MIL-SPEC approved conductive elastomers, numerous fabric shielding and conductive foam gasket profiles as well as 145 variations of oriented and knitted wire gaskets. With the support of highly trained applications engineers and the resources of the company’s Global EMI Shielding Technology Center in Tampa, Florida, customers can order products from stock or create custom die-cut patterns and gasket profiles for their unique shielding applications. The expanded product catalog also offers detailed engineering information including product comparisons, common applications, product specifications and performance data. Leader Tech’s Enclosure Shielding Solutions catalog is available for immediate download from the company’s website at
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