Many electronic enclosures have gaps that allow unwanted RF and electromagnetic interference to escape into the surrounding environment. These openings are commonly found around the I/O panel, backplane and access panels of the enclosure. A highly effective way to control this problem is to cover these openings with a custom, die-cut shielding gasket. Leader Tech’s low compression CFS Conductive Foam Shielding materials deliver a typical Shielding Effectiveness of 60dB between 10MHz-3GHz and can be die-cut to precise specifications. CFS Conductive Foam is offered in three standard thicknesses and has a low-resistance polyester fabric surface and a resilient Nickel-Copper polyurethane foam center. The conductive foam exhibits a compression load of 2.1 psi at 30% compression and has an operational temperature range from -40°F to +156°F. A conductive, pressure sensitive adhesive is also available to help facilitate easy installation.

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