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Effects of Operating Temperature on Heat-Treated Beryllium Copper Blog from the Experts at Leader Tech

Introducing a new blog Post highlighting the remarkable advantages of Beryllium Copper Fingerstock Gaskets. These gaskets offer several key benefits over fabric gaskets, including superior resistance to compression set and suitability for high-temperature applications.

Beryllium copper gaskets derive their unique spring properties from a precise heat-treat process, resulting in increased hardness, tensile strength, and yield strength. However, the trade-off is reduced elongation and increased susceptibility to fracture. It is crucial to operate these gaskets below 500°F (260°C) to maintain their optimal performance. For more detailed information on beryllium copper gaskets, their properties, and considerations, please visit: https://leadertechinc.com/blog/effects-of-operating-temperature-on-heat-treated-beryllium-copper/

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