The D-Subminiature was introduced in 1952 and while its use is on the decline, it remains one of the most common methods for making Com, Video and Network connections in mission critical and high-vibration environments.

A crucial element in the performance of any connector is its ability to limit the escape or intrusion of unwanted RF interference. Leader Tech D-Sub Connector gaskets provide engineers with a low electrical resistance, low compression force shielding and grounding solution for the industry’s most common 9 through 50-pin connector interfaces.

Each of the company’s five D-Subminiature Gasket styles can be ordered in your base metal choice of Stainless Steel or high performance Beryllium Copper. Finish options of Bright Finish, Bright Tin, Electro-Less Bright Nickel and Satin Tin are also available to promote optimal galvanic compatibility when exposed to corrosive environments.

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