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Custom Beryllium Copper Stamping Capabilities

Leader Tech has the expertise and capabilities to design and manufacture custom metal parts that can be built to your specifications. The company’s Beryllium Copper manufacturing processes utilizes proven technology that provides consistent performance and the highest reliability spring contacts in the industry. We work with material thicknesses down to 0.002” and Leader Tech can etch, stamp, form and heat-treat parts with our in-house capabilities.

Leader Tech offers a multitude of plating options to suit nearly any application. Tin and Nickel are used for enhanced solderability and corrosion resistance. Additional options including Gold, Silver, Zinc Chromate and Cadmium Chromate, which are available to meet customers conductivity, durability, and galvanic compatibility requirements.  Customers frequently leverage our in-house tooling and die design and manufacturing expertise for custom precision components. Leader Tech can support all volumes from prototypes to large production runs.

To learn more about our custom stamping capabilities and see if this is the right option for your next project, please watch our video here:


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