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Introducing a New Blog Post on Coplanarity and its Importance in Board Level Shielding Design

We are excited to announce the publication of our latest blog post, “Understanding Coplanarity: The Key to Effective Board Level Shielding.” This informative piece explores the concept of coplanarity and its crucial role in ensuring optimal performance for EMI/RF shields.

Coplanarity, also known as flatness, measures how closely a surface aligns with a perfect 2D plane. In the context of board level shielding, coplanarity is vital to prevent EMI/RF leakage and ensure strong solder joints. The blog post covers factors influencing coplanarity, such as shield shape, size, manufacturing methods, and handling during shipping. It also provides valuable recommendations for achieving proper coplanarity, including the use of soldering fixtures or weights when manufacturing limitations exist.

To access the full blog post and gain insights into coplanarity and its significance in board level shielding design, please visit: https://leadertechinc.com/blog/coplanarity/

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